Modernism, and the relation between the organic and inorganic.

Notion of thingness, the body as thing and things as bodies.

or a project that, aligns with your research interests, you should make contact with the relevant potential supervisor/lecturer/Professor or NUI Galway staff member to discuss matters further.

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Bottom-up approaches to build constructs that closely imitate properties of native tissues; Biomaterial functionalisation (incorporation of biophysical, biochemical and biological signals); Therapeutic interventions for treatment of soft and hard tissue injuries and degenerative conditions; Modulation of the in vitro microenvironment to enable clinical translation of cell-based therapies; Cell phenotype maintenance / Stem cell differentiation towards specific lineage; Scaffold and scaffold-free tissue engineering; Sustained and localised delivery of therapeutics; Functional nano-textured biomaterials; I am a marine ecologist with a particular interest in spatial ecology.

I use experiments, survey, computer simulation and data analysis to understand patterns of population abundance and assemblage composition.

Other closely aligned areas include enterprise systems integration and inter-enterprise collaboration. It is essential to work closely with industry to identify and prioritise requirements, co-develop solutions and implement and validate new models and systems.

A systems ethos which includes people, process and technology related issues are employed in the research.This research adopts a life-cycle approach to product innovation.In other words, we aim to optimise all aspects in the development cycle such as needs analysis, concept development, evaluation and validation, commercialisation and product take back at its end of life.20th-century Italian literature, especially the works of Calvino, Caproni, and Svevo, Italian surrealism (Bontempelli, Savinio, ).Comparative literature, especially the works of Agamben, Benjamin, Blanchot, Heidegger, Lacan, and Perniola.Analyse systems relative to key performance indicators such as time, cost, standard, environment, innovation etc.